What Is a Psychotherapist vs. a Psychologist?

Understanding the differences between a psychotherapist and a psychologist can be confusing — especially when they both provide mental health counseling services. Our team at Mend Psychiatry, located in Fairlawn, OH, offers psychotherapy and other mental health counseling services. Additionally, we provide telehealth services throughout the state of Ohio, so that you can access the care you need regardless of where you live. Learn more about the services we provide, how we can help, and how to get started today.

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Psychotherapist vs. Psychologist Overview

Psychotherapists and psychologists both provide mental health counseling services to people in need. They both listen to and support their clients as they explore their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. The primary difference between the two professions is that psychologists have a doctoral degree, while psychotherapists may have a master’s degree or a doctoral degree. The level of education and the type of training determines the scope of practice for each profession.

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Qualifications for Becoming a Psychotherapist vs. a Psychologist

To become a psychologist, one must have a doctoral degree in psychology from an accredited university. They must also complete a one-year clinical internship and pass a national exam. Psychologists are also required to be licensed in the state in which they practice.

In contrast, to become a psychotherapist, one must have a master’s degree in psychology or a related field, such as counseling or social work. However, some psychotherapists have a doctoral degree, such as a Ph.D. in psychology or a Psy.D. in clinical psychology. Psychotherapists may also be required to obtain state licensure, depending on the state in which they practice.

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Types of Mental Health Counseling Provided by a Psychotherapist vs. a Psychologist

The type of mental health counseling services offered by a psychotherapist and a psychologist can vary depending on their scope of practice. Both professions may provide individual, couples, or family therapy, as well as group therapy. In addition, psychotherapists may provide counseling or psychotherapy treatments to help their clients work through issues such as anxiety, depression, or trauma. Psychologists, on the other hand, may provide more specialized services, such as psychological testing, assessment, or diagnosis.

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How to Find a Registered Psychotherapist

When looking for a registered psychotherapist, it’s important to find one who is qualified, licensed, and experienced in providing the type of care you need. Make sure to do your research to find the right fit for you. Our team can help you find the right mental health counselor for your needs.

Finding a mental health counselor in Ohio has never been easier. Our telehealth services at Mend Psychiatry allow you to receive counseling from a qualified mental health counselor in the comfort of your own home. Contact us today to see how we can help.